All Operating System applications are available for free in this website. You have the choice to install any type of Operating Systems software. An Operating system (OS) is software which acts as an interface between the end user and computer hardware. Every computer must have at least one OS to run other programs. An Application like chrome, MS Word, games, etc needs operating system in which it will run and perform its task. Without operating system, any mobile device or computer cannot perform its tasks. There are many several types of operating system:

  • Batch Operating System
  • Multitasking/Time Sharing OS
  • Multiprocessing OS
  • Real Time OS
  • Distributed OS
  • Network OS
  • Mobile OS

Real time OS: A real time operating system time interval to process and respond to inputs is very small. Its example is: Military Software Systems, Space Software Systems.

Distributed Operating System: A distributed system is the best operating system. It use many processors located in different machines to provide very fast computation to its users.

Network Operating System: Network Operating System provides the capability to serve to manage data, user, groups, security, application, and other networking functions.

Mobile OS: Mobile operating systems are the best operating system which is especially designed to power smartphones, tablets, and wearables devices.