This website has many basic and complex software and applications that are compatible with all kinds of window and are an easy to install. All window applications are available for free in this website. You have the choice to install any type of window software or program.

InDesign is a desktop publishing software application. It is used for creating flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, and books. Projects generated using InDesign can be shared in both digital and print formats.

Antivirus software is also known as anti-malware. It is a computer program used to protecting your computer from external attacks and cybercriminals act.

JDownloader is a download manager which allows automatic download of groups of files. Some parts of JDownloader are open-source but not all. It manages downloads from file sharing sites and features such as fast download speeds, control downloads and set bandwidth limitations with auto-extract archives. Users can start, stop or pause downloads and much more.

MediaMonkey is the best media play that helps you keep it organized. Its ability to manages video and audio files, playlists, and can fill in missing track information automatically.

MusicBee is the impressive music manager that turns your computer into a music jukebox. It features auto-tagging; multiple features to optimize the sound quality, can sync your music collection across devices, and even comes in a portable version.

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